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Nintendo Announces New Joy-Con Colors, Which Look Pretty Damn Nice

Illustration for article titled Nintendo Announces New Joy-Con Colors, Which Look Pretty Damn Nice

This morning, in addition to a new Switch with longer battery life, Nintendo announced some fresh new Joy-Cons. As a plebeian stuck with drab grey controllers, these neon wonder-cons have literally brightened my day.


The new Joy-Cons will come in two colors: the somewhat less impressive Blue/Neon Yellow combo and the actually super great Neon Purple/Neon Orange mashup. Since I’m perpetually jealous of my co-workers’ various colorful Joy-Cons and cool transparent custom controllers, that purple and orange combination is looking pretty fantastic.

The Joy-Cons will retail on October 14 for the somewhat dubious price of $79.99. Hopefully, in the time between then and now, maybe Nintendo can solve the dreaded “Joy-Con Drift” issue. Because what good are some dope controllers if Octopath Traveler’s Ophelia keeps running to the left randomly?

Former Senior Writer and Critic at Kotaku.

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I wish they’d make more single color sets. These multi-color ones make the switch look like a toybox.  Would love to have two of those purple ones.