Niko and Vlad on Saturday Night Live

GTA on SNL? Well, if a movie did a $500 million opening week, bet your ass there'd be a skit on it the very next show. Here Niko Bellic and Vlad Glebov appear on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" to complain about the negative image the game gives to Liberty City.

Most of the gag appears to be the permanent karate-chop pose of motion-capped hands, overly expressive gesturing and out-of-place dialogue during non-cutscene encounters. The writers leave it up to the viewer to get it. So if that's mainstream enough to get laughs, holy hell, games have really come a long way.

[Thanks to Gawker's Richard Blakeley for the video.]

Update: Commenter Rotmm added this 360/PS3 comparison shot of SNL. I wonder if Gametrailers might be working on a video too.

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That was pathetic. I know their ratings have gone down the tube but a bad parody of a game is a cry for help. I wish Chris Farley would rise from his grave as a zombie and eat everyone at SNL's brains.