Gametrailers Blows It with PS3/360 Footage

So I poked the console-wars snake last week and learned a big Fat Albert lesson about people's feelings in the process. Gametrailers, with a longer history than me, not so much.


We've been hearing a lot of chatter about how they botched a comparison video of Race Driver: GRID. In an attempt to show cooler crash physics on the 360, they used PS3's instead - easily identifiable by the controller map in the lower left corner. Doh!

Gametrailers took down the video after getting barbecued in the comment flamewar. But someone already YouTubed it and spliced in comments pointing out the negligence, or worse.

Anyway, here you go. Just shows that console comparison is absolutely the third rail discussion in our neck of the woods. And if you undertake it, everything has to be bulletproof, or you'll get ripped for looking like a shill.

GRID Playstation 3 vs Xbox 360 Comparison is Fishy [onaxis]



Helping out on more than one or two post production gig I kind of agree on the honest cock up theory. Its real easy to mess up with the file names etc and if your not a gamer the little X and Triangle buttons will mean squat to you in relation to the consoles.

I thinks its super funny though as some one in GT is gonna get their ass chewed hard for this one because no mater who does the edit you would have thought that the production manager and site/section editor (both of whom have responsibilitys to check this stuff) would have been savvy enough with the game systems themselves to clock it. You can only blame the editor so much for this as someone still signed this off as OK for posting.

Oh and okenny :) nice turnaround there man. It's fair to say that you started this thread in fullcore "Reactionary Troll Mode™" but you have wound your neck in admirably, dont see alot of that on gaming sites. Good work fella.