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Square Enix has announced an April North American release date for Cavia-developed action-adventure game Nier, not far removed from the release date of its two Japanese counterparts.


Japan is getting Nier Gestalt for the Xbox 360 and Nier Replicant for the PlayStation 3 on April 24th. Three days later, on April 27th, North America welcomes Nier for the PS3 and 360, a localized version of Nier Gestalt, renamed over here since there's no other game to confuse it with.

While we've referred to the game as an RPG previously (generally a safe assumption where Square Enix is involved), the Cavia-developed title is actually an action-adventure game, filled with plenty of fast combat, magical abilities, and weapons to master, as you guide gruff protagonist Nier on a quest to save his daughter from a plague ravaging the land.


As much as I enjoy an epic adventure where characters set out to save the world, I really like the idea of a character driven by his own personal motivations. That's a role generally reserved for side characters in games, with the hero mainly concerned with saving the world, taking on insurmountable odds, and that sort of thing.

Nier just wants to cure his daughter, and you can help come April 27th.

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