Nielsen Survey Finds Black Gamers Spend the Most Time Playing Consoles

Nielsen, the folks who measure every single thing that is or could possibly be done with a television set, have released an analysis of gaming habits by ethnicity, finding that African-Americans game the most per day, on average, Asian-Americans the least.


Black gamers spent an average of 16 minutes a day using a TV to play video games, Nielsen said, according to a study conducted in November of Americans aged 18 to 49. White gamers spent 13 minutes per day, on average; Hispanic gamers 10 minutes and Asian gamers 9. Overall, Americans spend an average of 13 minutes a day using a TV to play video games.

Game time on a TV is a tiny fraction of the set's overall usage, on average, representing about 4 percent of the 5 hours and 11 minutes a TV is on in an American household each day. But it is comparable to the 15 minutes of time a day, on average, Americans spend watching a DVD through their television.

Nielsen: Americans Average 13 Minutes Playing Video Games On TV Daily [Gamasutra]

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