What Room Is Your Gaming Console In?

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Have video game consoles earned their spot in the family room, or are we still tucking them away out-of-sight? The measurement and information experts at Nielsen release the results of a study that shows what's being played where in U.S. households.

Back in the old days a gaming console was something you pulled out from under the couch, hooking it up only when you intended to play with it. These days our gaming consoles are about more than just games. They are entertainment hubs, earning a permanent connection to our television sets through downloadable content, streaming video, and more.

Nielsen's study found that 50 percent of gaming consoles in U.S. homes enjoy a spot in the living room, but not all consoles are equal in that regard. The Nintendo Wii leads the charge into the living room, with 59 percent or Wii consoles taking a top spot in the family entertainment center, while only 45 percent of PlayStation 3s and 42 percent of Xbox 360s make it there.


So where are all the Xbox 360 consoles? Have you checked kids bedrooms? A full 28 percent of household Xbox 360 systems were located in children's rooms, compared to 16 percent PlayStation 3 and 14 percent Wii.

Other likely locations include master bedrooms, home offices, and the basement. I would have figured bigger numbers for bathroom, but then I am very odd.

Hit up the link for the full breakdown.

U.S. Console Gaming: The Living Room & Beyond [Nielsen]

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Cheese Addict

Ha ha, rooms, as in multiple. When 400 square feet is your whole apartment, this whole concept becomes a bit laughable.

On the plus side, in one of my old apartments, I could go to the bathroom and shower at the same time.