N'Gai Croal Breaks the News to Miyamoto that Mario is Dead

Illustration for article titled NGai Croal Breaks the News to Miyamoto that Mario is Dead

N'Gai Croal, the former games writer for Newsweek (and friend of this site) floored Mario's creator with news that one of the famed video-game character's live-action, uh, actors had died recently.

During a roundtable discussion earlier Thursday, Croal asked Miyamoto, straight up: "Where were you when you heard that Captain Lou Albano passed away, and what was your reaction?"


As Destructoid notes, for most of the discussion Miyamoto was able to respond to most questions without a translator. For this, however, Nintendo's Bill Trinen had to step in to translate. Miyamoto processed the question, and this was the reply:

"You're the one who just told me."

Former Journo Tells Miyamoto that Mario is Dead [Destructoid via Go Nintendo]

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It would be better to see his face reaction, I don't remember seeing miyamoto sad anywhere.

Not that i WANT to, that would imply casusing pain to someone and well, thats not right.