Live-Action Mario Dead At 76

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Wrestling manager Captain Lou, Cyndi Lauper's fake dad, and Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Lou Albano passed away today at the age of 76.


Wrestling fans know him as the WWE Hall of Famer who managed more than 50 wrestlers in his day, with more than two dozen championships won by athletes taken under his wing. 80's music fans might remember him from his appearances in many Cyndi Lauper music videos, including "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", "She Bop", "Time After Time" and "The Goonies 'R' Good Enough." As gamers, we of course remember him as the best live-action Mario of all time. That's not saying much when your chief competition is Bob Hoskins, but at least he was Italian. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! might have only run a grand total of 52 episodes, but that was more than enough to cement Captain Lou's place in gaming history.

Mr. Albano suffered from a heart attack in 2005 and has been in failing health ever since. He was at home with his family under hospice care when he passed away.

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Hey, paisanos! This news sucks. I think everyone needs to go do the Mario in mourning.