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New Resident Evil 2 VR Mod Looks Great (And Terrifying)

The new virtual reality mod lets you play either the RE2 or RE3 Remakes in VR complete with motion controls

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

2019's Resident Evil 2 remake was fantastic, blending the third-person action and combat from Resident 4, with the scares and visuals of Resident Evil 7. But now, thanks to an impressive-looking fan mod, you can revisit this survival horror glow-up in virtual reality, which sounds both exciting and very scary.

As first spotted by UploadVR in August 2021, this VR mod for RE2/RE3 has had many virtual reality enthusiasts hyped for months. And now both a mod for RE2 and RE3 has been uploaded to GitHub, letting anyone who owns a copy of either survival horror game to jump into Raccoon City in a whole new way.


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The reason so many VR fans were excited about this mod was due to the sheer amount of work that the mod’s creator, praydog, has put into the project. Weapons, like the knife, have full 3D collision, letting players swing and stab at enemies using natural motion. The mod also fully supports motion controls, letting you swiftly take out zombies or flail around in total fear as a licker surprises you from a dark shadow you didn’t check.


The mod also lets players watch all of RE2 and RE3's cutscenes in full 3D, though UploadVR warns this might break some scenes as you can see stuff you were never meant to see.

The quality of this VR mod is even more impressive when you remember that the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 were third-person shooters, so adding first-person, real-time motion controls to the game wasn’t an easy thing to pull off. Yet, praydog succeeded brilliantly based on footage of the mod shared by leadergamer1.


With these mods and the official Resident Evil 4 Occulus Quest 2 port released last year, plus the ability to play RE7 using PSVR, you can play through a large chunk of the Resident Evil franchise in virtual reality. (If you are brave enough.)

Now, I’m just waiting for Capcom to add VR support to Resident Evil Village. And to bring PC VR support to RE7, too.