Nearly 100 Exhibitors Lined Up For PAX 2009

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With the sixth annual Penny Arcade Expo a mere month away, PAX organizers have released the full list of nearly 100 exhibitors strutting their stuff at the show.


By nearly 100 they actually mean 90, with everyone from 2K Games to Zalman USA packing the show floor with stuff to see and do. Notable events include Bioware's first public showing of Star Wars: The Old Republic, demonstrations of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed II and Splinter Cell: Conviction, and concerts and parties galore. Totilo and I will be there as well, so be on the lookout for his good looks and my astounding sweatiness. Seriously, it's like I am walking around with another me made entirely of water.

You want a full list of exhibitors? You can't handle the full list of exhibitors! But go ahead and try.

Full List Of PAX 2009 Exhibitors

- 1up
- 2K Games
- Aeria Games & Entertainment
- Alienware
- Alteil
- Ankama Games
- Antec
- Astro Gaming
- Atari, Inc.
- Bethesda Softworks LLC
- Big Fish Games
- Bioware
- Black Sheep Studios
- Blizzard Entertainment
- Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
- CCP Games
- CDV Software Entertainment USA
- Chessex
- Disney Interactive Studios
- Dolby Laboratories
- Electronic Arts
- Eminence Group Pty. Ltd.
- Fallen Earth LLC
- Flying Frog Productions
- Flying Lab Software
- Frogster America
- Funcom
- Garage Games
- Geek Chic HQ
- Gunnar Optiks
- Harmonix Music
- Hi-Rez Studios
- Hothead Games
- Hudson Entertainment
- iGlove Inc.
- Ignition Entertainment
- ITT Technical Institute
- Jones Soda Co.
- Klei Entertainment
- Mana Energy Potions
- Mega64
- Microsoft
- Microsoft-XNA
- Mythic Entertainment
- Namco Bandai Games America inc
- Namco Networks America Inc.
- NCsoft
- Nexon
- Nintendo of America Inc
- Omni Consumer Products (Tru Blood)
- Oni Press
- Patriot Memory
- Phantom EFX, Inc.
- Pink Gorilla LLC
- Playlogic Entertainment Inc.
- Privateer Press
- Riot Games
- Rockstar Games
- Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC
- Runic Games
- Sony Computer Entertainment America
- Stardock Entertainment
- SteelSeries
- Sweet Kitty
- Swell Games / Simon Fraser University
- Telltale Games
- The Behemoth
- The Dreaming Comics and Games
- The Guildhall at SMU
- TN Games
- Tozai, Inc.
- Tritton Technologies
- True Games Interactive
- Turbine
- Turtle Beach
- Twisted Pixel Games, LLC
- Ubisoft Entertainment
- Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Inc.
- Upper Deck Entertainment
- Valve Software
- Vancouver Film School
- Wacom Technology
- Warner Bros. Games
- Wizards Of The Coast
- Y-Bot Classic Video Games
- Zalman USA Inc.

All that and more in Seattle next month, September 4th through the 6th.


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I have reason to believe Penny Arcade moved into a non-descript building a block south of my casa of amore. Maybe I'll swing by and say hello to my new neighbors with some cookies and casually mention how I don't have anything planned for that weekend..except bumbershoot.