NBA Jam Calls Its Catchphrase Winners

NBA Jam may be headed for PS3 and Xbox 360, but don't forget it's definitely coming out on the Wii on Oct. 5, where original series announcer Tim Kitzrow will use four fan-submitted catchphrases emerging a surprisingly entertaining contest.

The four winners actually came in June 25. Whoops. They cover three blocked-shot calls and one dunk. They are: "Objection sustained!" (for a blocked shot); "No shoot for you!" (block); "Bangalanga-do-dah!" (for a dunk); and "And the survey says ... denied!" (block).


I picked only one winner, but it was my favorite: "Bangalanga-do-dah!" My handicapping elsewhere was pretty crap, with "No shoot for you!" losing in the regional finals. None of my picks in the Slamma-Jamma bracket came home winners, which is disappointing because "The ball's in ... he's got a pair!" was the class of the tournament.

The winners' names were not revealed but they will be credited in the game's final release.

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