NBA Elite 11 Available Now!

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Have we done this joke? We have? We have. Alas. Well, Kevin Durant can tell Dwight Howard that he did in fact star on the cover of this game, even if it's on the iPhone and not a console.


And Mike Breen can tell his friends he's still in a video game this year, too. He supplies the play-by-play for NBA Elite 11 on the iPhone, available now in the iTunes App Store. This year's game adds a three-point shootout mode for the more casual player, plus 30 unlockable legends from big men like Bill Russell and Hakeem Olajuwon to swingmen like Dr. J (pictured).


You also get three game modes, exhibition, season, and playoffs, plus an All-Star game and three different camera angles that make everthang look purty on the iPhone 4's Retina display. The price is $4.99.

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What should I do?

Should I go ahead and buy this for iPhone because you reviewed it?

Should I make a snarky comment?

Should I mock it?

Seriously, what should I do?

Should I be what you want me to be?