NBA 2K14 Calls the Crew Back to the Court

My Crew—the cooperative multiplayer mode introduced in NBA 2K10 but absent from the series for the past two years—will return for NBA 2K14, 2K Sports said today. The mode will be available only on current-generation versions of the game.


In My Crew, gamers could take their created basketball player from the game's career mode ("My Player") and run with other users in full five-on-five action against live players. Ten-person multiplayer basketball, in other words.

The feature was quietly removed from NBA 2K12, which implemented a new online codebase that didn't play nice with the mode, and My Crew did not return last year in NBA 2K13 either.

My Crew—or apparently, now just called "Crew" or "Crew Mode"—will run five-on-five full-court games or three-on-three halfcourt games. It had been one of the most-demanded features from NBA 2K's community, though its appeal is strongest with those who play the game every day, if not also in real life.

An accompanying news release from 2K Sports also mentioned a slew of upgrades, refinements and additional features, from more "Signature Styles" to represent real life players authentically, to the aforementioned inclusion of 14 top Euroleague sides, with authentic rosters. A "2K Smart Play Button" which will "quickly call the most suitable play for the context of the game," appears to be new—or at least a simplification of a "call best play" option introduced with NBA 2K12.


NBA 2K14 will release Oct. 1, 2013 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when those consoles launch.

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man... i imagine 5v5 multiplayer basketball looking absolutely ridiculous. can't wait to check out inevitable youtube videos of this mode.