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Namco Puzzles DSiWare With Mr. Driller and Katamari

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In this week's edition of weekly Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Namco Bandai reveals two new games with familiar faces coming to Nintendo's DSiWare: Mr. Driller and Korogashi Puzzle Katamari Damacy.

The DSiWare version of Mr. Driller is a new version of Namco's popular drilling actio puzzler, with three game modes and seventeen different stages to play through, which Japanese DSi owners will be able to purchase on February 25th for 800 DSi points.


Korogashi Puzzle Katamari Damacy is a Katamari-themed puzzle game, with the player stacking up objects and then dropping a Katamari on them to sweep them away. 1UP points out that the game is essentially a re-skinned version the Pac-Attack, replacing Pac-Man with a sticky ball, which explains the lower price of 500 DSi Points when it launches on March 25th.

The Famitsu article also announced Mr. Driller World, a WiiWare version of Mr. Driller with 24 stages of gameplay priced at 800 Wii points.


With the popularity of the Katamari Damacy and Mr. Driller franchises pretty solid here in the states, I'm sure we'll be seeing North American versions of these titles popping up on or around the DSi's April 5th launch.

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