Pokémon Go To Pokémon Home Transfers Will Be A Little Annoying

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The Pokémon Company announced yesterday that Pokémon Home support for Pokémon Go will arrive before the end of the year. But when it does it sounds like it will come with a weird caveat.


Pokémon Home is the new version of the Pokémon Bank which lets you house Pokémon from just about every modern game and move them wherever you want. Later this year it’ll also work for Pokémon Go, allowing players of the mobile spin-off to bring their favorite Galarian Pokémon to Sword and Shield on Switch. Unfortunately, they’ll only be able to move them one at a time, and will need to spend PokéCoins in order to speed up the process.

“After sending a Pokémon from Pokémon Go to Pokémon Home, you may need to wait a certain amount of time before you can send another Pokémon,” a spokesperson for the Pokémon Company told Kotaku in an email. “It is possible to shorten this time using PokéCoins.”

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Screenshot: The Pokémon Company

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to say exactly what the restrictions would be or how many coins it would cost to speed up the process, only that more information would become available in the future. Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, declined to comment.

PokéCoins are Pokémon Go’s premium currency which players use to buy items and upgrades. The total number of coins that can be earned in a day is capped at 50, with the majority of those coming from defending Gyms, which nets up to six coins per hour. Players can also buy the coins starting at $1 for 100. Without knowing how long the transfer cooldown timer will be, or how many coins it’ll take to speed things up, it’s hard to say just much of an obstacle these restrictions might be.

Still, it’s weird they exist at all. Currently, Pokémon Go players can already transfer their creatures to Pokémon Let’s Go without having to jump through either of those hoops. The Pokémon Go Pokétoll is also on top of Pokémon Home’s existing restrictions and $16 annual subscription fee.

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This makes no sense to me on why they don’t allow mass transfers and have a cool down period. I know it probably comes down to money because I’d gain about 50% of my storage back by moving my Pokemon over to Home. I like the idea of Home and I was waiting for Go support before subscribing to it.

Yesterday was just a beat down day for Pokemon Go. First with the paid transfers and then with Niantic saying the bonuses are ending on Oct 1. Which I know those had to end at some point but we’re still a ways off from things being normal and this seems really premature.

I follow Serebii on Twitter and he really let Niantic have it over those two decisions. Also over the Feeling the Victory requirements, 1/6 requires catching 30 pokemon, spin 30 stops, and send 10 gifts. Apparently it only gets worse from there.