Eager for any morsel you can get from Modern Warfare 2 and Heavy Rain? Then you'd best tune in to tonight's episode of GameTrailers TV, as both games will be featured.

Expect less Modern Warfare 2 than Heavy Rain though, as the next full video reveal of Infinity Ward's follow up to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is scheduled to air on TV this Sunday. Consider tonight's glimpse little more than a tease.

Heavy Rain however, appears to be getting more screen time, in advance of tomorrow's embargo break on the Quantic Dream-developed PlayStation 3 exclusive. Host Geoff Keighley promises tons of first ever footage of the game—which is true, because what we've seen up to this point isn't indicative of Heavy Rain's final content.

Expect more on tonight's episode, which is expected to air at 12:30 AM on Spike TV.