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This is the end. Here's what you should buy that's currently available.

• Civ 5 Brave New World ($21) | Green Man Gaming | Use code GMG30-LY2G6-UKDYY

• The Walking Dead ($6.24) | While it was slightly cheaper when Amazon undercut, this is still within cents of the lowest non-Humble price ever for a game of the year.

• Dishonored ($10.19) | Among the best deals of the sale.

• Kerbal Space Program ($13.74) | Lowest price ever and lots of promise. I predict few sales on this in the near future.


• Torchlight II ($4.99) | At or close to the lowest price ever and tons of value.

• Tomb Raider ($12.49) | Another that was slightly undercut by Amazon and then re-undercut by Steam, but still a ridiculous deal on this game.

• Saints Row The Third: The Full Package ($7.49) | Pretty sure this is the lowest price ever for a ridiculous amount of content.


• Prison Architect ($19.79) | Another case where you're paying for potential, but we like what we see.

• Valve Complete Pack ($34) | Pretty self-explanatory.

• Cart Life ($2) | The 2013 IGF winner for two bucks.

• Ben There, Dan That + Time Gentlemen, Please (49 cents) | It's 49 cents.

• Fallout 3 OR New Vegas Complete Editions ($5/each) | ~100 hours of solid gameplay per game.

• Fallout 1 + 2 ($3) | No need to explain.

• Thomas Was Alone ($2.50) | Great, clever, charming minimalist platformer.

• Rock of Ages ($2) | Very fun, very unique title.

• Super Hexagon ($1) | Super Hexagon for $1.

• To the Moon ($3) | Wonderful little indie worth everyone's time and money.

• Breath of Death VII + Cthulhu Saves the World ($1) | It's a dollar.

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