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Moneysaver: Steam Summer Sale Day 4 Breakdown [Updated Monday 10:30am]

Illustration for article titled Moneysaver: Steam Summer Sale Day 4 Breakdown [Updated Monday 10:30am]


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Vote for Monaco, and FEZ would be a repeat anyway, not that I don't love me some FEZ.


Community Sale Left 4 Dead 2 ($5) | Repeat

Flash Sale PES 2010 ($14) | I hear a lot of people like soccer. Good price.

Flash Sale Trine 2 ($4) | This has been this cheap before or close to it bundled with the first game, but I am a fan of the series and would call this a buy.

Flash Sale The Testament of Sherlock Holmes ($10) | Even if you're a Holmes fan I would still wait for a bargain basement price on this

Flash Sale Mass Effect 2 ($6) | Wait for a deal on the trilogy, or 2 bundled with its DLC.


Riptide is terrible and Left 4 Dead 2 would be a repeat, so I voted for Infestation. [I'm obviously just being absurdist, there's no way Infestation will win this voting.]

• Community Sale Torchlight 2 ($5) | I know a lot of people wanted Gunpoint to win but this is also a great deal on a great game.


Flash Sale TrackMania2 Canyon ($10) | You already know if you're the audience for this, price is decent.

Flash Sale Poker Night 2 ($2.50) | You could probably just wait for this to free on iOS


Flash Sale The Swapper ($7.50) | This was actually one of my most anticipated deals, then I realized there was no Mac version. Anyway, yes, buy it.

Flash Sale Spec Ops: The Line ($7.50) | A poor excuse for a flash sale. Awesome game though. Get it bundled with Bioshock 1 + 2 for $8.50 on Amazon using one-time use code GOONCAVE


Vote for Gunpoint.

Community Sale Deadlight ($4) | Like I said before, been cheaper in bundles and such.


Flash Sale Impire ($5) | Unless I'm mistaken this is the worst reviewed game of the sale so far.

Flash Sale Doom 3 BFG Edition ($5) | I see a lot of retailers try to basically give this away to entice people into bundles.


Flash Sale Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition ($9) | If you want the genre this is basically your only option. I would still wait for a cheaper price.

Flash Sale NBA2K13 ($7.50) | I have actually had a lot of readers complain about getting this as part of 2K bundles. Don't even want it for free.


Lead Deal Kerbal Space Program ($14) | This is a pre-release game. I think it's actually the deal commenters have most requested in this sale.

• Hitman Absolution ($6) | Repeat.

• Sanctum 2 ($7.50) | I would wait for a bargain basement price if you're curious.


• Total War Shogun 2 ($7.50) | Repeat

• Fallout: New Vegas ($2.50) | Buy the $5 Ultimate Edition, which has been $4 in the past


• Remember Me ($30) | This is another case where I don't think most come to the Steam sale to buy $30 items. This has also been this price before.

• Portal 2 ($5) | This has of course been cheaper in bundles, etc., but a case can also be made for it being the best game of the generation, so there's that.


• Eador Masters of the Broken World ($12) | Greenlight game. Looks cool, haven't played it, positive reviews. It's a good sale if you were in the market for it.

• The Sims 3 ($15) | Update: I was not expecting anyone to care about the Sims, so yes, not a good deal.


• Arma II ($4.41) | I would just wait for Arma III. However, if you want to play Day Z, buy the combined operations pack for $8.50

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Woah woah woah. NBA 2K13 may be the best sports game EVER! Just because people don't like sports games doesn't make it BAD! What are the complaints?? It has an 88% on metacritic. I don't get it.