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Update 2 Tomb Raider ($12.50) | Amazon has Tomb Raider for $10.60, but is currently sold out of keys

All of the current community vote options have been cheaper or cheaper in bundles. I voted for Mark of the Ninja.


Community Sale System Shock 2 ($2.50) | Actually goes on sale more often than you'd think, but go for it

Flash Sale You Need a Budget ($15) | This is not a game, but that out of the way, it Is some of the best budgeting software around. Here's some Lifehacker coverage.

Flash Sale Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars ($7) | No.

Flash Sale Sim City 4 ($6) | It's been cheaper or bundled cheaper, I'd pass.

Flash Sale Metro: Last Light ($30) | Great game, you should play it, but if you weren't interested enough to buy it yet, you probably aren't going to here, and you probably didn't come to the Steam Summer Sale looking to spend 30 bucks on one item anyway.


XCOM Enemy Unknown + Civ 4 Complete + Civ 5 Gold [Steam] ($17) | Amazon using one-time use code GOONCAVE

Bioshock 1+2 and Spec Ops: The Line [Steam] ($8.50) | Amazon using one-time use code GOONCAVE

Fable: The Lost Chapters + Fable III w/ DLC [Steam] ($10.43) | Amazon using one-time use code GOONCAVE

Voting is kind of a toss up between Baldur's and System Shock 2, both have been this price or cheaper before.

Community Sale Universe Sandbox ($2) | I would have bet a lot of money this would not win the community vote. Good price.

Flash Sale I Am Alive ($5) | Probably worth a peek to some at 5 bucks, but this game certainly didn't live up to initial hype.

Flash Sale Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum ($5) | This game is on sale more often than it's not.

Flash Sale Lords of Football ($10) | I did a real life facepalm

Flash Sale Penny Arcade 4 ($2.50) | I'm actually a big fan of this series, in spite of its flaws. I do definitely recommend playing the games in order. This is a good price for the fourth installment.


I'm throwing in for Incredipede in the current voting. Antichamber deal is a repeat.

Community Sale Hitman Absolution ($6.24) | Not the cheapest it's been, but probably an easy buy if you're a fan of the series and have been putting this off.

Flash Sale L.A. Noire ($5) | The complete version is on sale for $7.50, probably go for that instead, though Noire is already a really long game.

Flash Sale Kinetic Void ($7) | Price seems good, got nothing on the quality.

Flash Sale Blood Bowl Chaos Edition ($7.50) | Pretty rough game, I'd wait for a bargain basement sale if you really want it


Flash Sale Battlefield Bad Company 2 ($6) | I would wait for one of the million new shooters coming out, and this is not the best price ever anyway

• Mars War Logs ($10) | They pulled this down from the front page immediately on day one, doesn't look any better today

• RPG Maker VX Ace ($24) | Most expensive game on the page, if you want this you already know

• Stardrive ($10) | Also not a great game

• Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army ($5) | Bad game with zombies is still bad

• The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition ($5) | One of the best games of the generation, close to the lowest price, easy recommendation


• Resident Evil 6 ($20) | If this was like 4 bucks I'd tell you to get it as a curiosity, but not for $20

• Might and Magic Heroes VI ($10) | This could stand to be cheaper, but if you're a fan go for it

• Borderlands 2 ($10) | Again? We already had this as a community deal, and it wasn't good then either.


• Age of Empires II HD ($10) | Buy it on Amazon for $8.50 using one-time use code GOONCAVE

Gunpoint [Steam/DRM-free] ($9) | Humble Store

FTL [Steam] ($2.12) | Amazon | Lowest price ever | Use one-time use code GOONCAVE

The Walking Dead [Steam] ($5.31) | Amazon | Lowest non-Humble price ever | Use one-time use code GOONCAVE

Crysis 3 [Origin] ($17) | Amazon | Use one-time use code GOONCAVE

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition [Origin] ($17) | Amazon | Use one-time use code GOONCAVE

Mass Effect Trilogy [Origin] ($16) | Gamefly | Use code GFDJUL20 | US and Canada Only


Crysis 1 + 2 Maximum + Warhead + Wars ($12) | Gamefly | Use code GFDJUL20 | US and Canada Only

Dragon Age Ultimate + 2 [Origin] ($10) | Gamefly | Use code GFDJUL20 | US and Canada Only

Kingdoms of Amalur Complete [Origin] ($8) | Gamefly | Use code GFDJUL20 | US and Canada Only

Dead Space 1 +2 ($8) | Gamefly | Use code GFDJUL20 | US and Canada Only

Amnesia ($2.50) | Amazon | Use one-time use code GOONCAVE

Hotline: Miami [Steam] ($2) | Amazon | Use one-time use code GOONCAVE

The Cave [Mac version, DRM-free] ($4) | Mac App Store via 9to5Toys

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