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Here's the current regular Moneysaver.

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I voted for Bully even though it's a repeat because Dragon Age annoyed me by not unlocking the Mac version and I'm still processing that there are Wargame fanboys.


Community Deal PayDay ($5) | One of the better community deals, a good price and not a repeat deal

Flash Sale Forge ($5) | Nope.

Flash Sale Companies of Heroes ($2.50) | Great game but 2 is out so you may just wanna go with it that.


Flash Sale Deadlight ($3.75) | Repeat, good deal, bundled for less in the past

Flash Sale Prototype 2 ($13.60) | Hate this series with a passion. Fine price if you want it.


Voting for PayDay because it's a non-repeat.

Community Deal CS:GO ($5) | Repeat. Good deal if you aren't going to buy the Valve Complete Pack


Flash Sale Dungeon Defenders ($2.24) | Actually thought this was a repeat but I can't find it. On sale all the time but good price.

Flash Sale Age of Empires II ($10) | This has been $8.50 on Amazon multiple days during the sale, also a repeat


Flash Sale Chivalry ($6.24) | Repeat, good price.

Flash Sale Borderlands 2 ($10.19) | Again? Like I said before, this has been $14 with the Season Pass bundled.


Voting is kind of a toss-up since CS:GO is a repeat.

Flash Sale The Binding of Isaac ($1) | While this is an awesome deal on a great game, you should also know the game is being remade. You may just want to wait.


Flash Sale Port Royale 3 ($10) | In contention for worst reviewed game in the sale. So yeah, not for 10 bucks.

Flash Sale Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves ($5) | Several people have been asking for this. Haven't played myself but looks cool, and a good price.


Flash Sale Resident Evil 6 ($20) | Personally, I'd wait and pick this up when it's 5 bucks, also a repeat.

Lead Deal Torchlight II ($5) | Great deal, repeat

• Pre-order Saints Row 4 + $10 credit + DLC ($50) | Amazon


• Deus Ex: Human Revolution | Get it on Amazon for $2.55 using code GOONCAVE


• Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition | Buy it from Amazon for $6.90 using one-time use code GOONCAVE


• Euro Truck Simulator 2 ($10) | It's $10... for a truck simulator, and it's a repeat.

• Far Cry 3 ($24) | Repeat, and again, it's $20 constantly.

• Garry's Mod ($2.50) | Repeat, and if you want this you probably bought it a long time ago.


• Modern Warfare 3 ($20) | Like I said with Black Ops 2, I'd just wait for a new shooter.

• Van Helsing ($7.50) | This lost a vote before so now's your chance...

• Magicka ($2.50) | Repeat. Like I said on day two, on sale constantly, but go for it.


• Sim City 4 ($6) | Also on sale all the time for less, and a repeat.

• Infestation ($3.75) | Repeat, still no.

• XCOM: Enemy Unknown ($10) | Repeat. This is the only thing I've purchased in the sale so that should answer your question.


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