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Crusader Kings is the best of the voting bunch.

• Community Deal Warframe Starter Pack ($10) | You already know who you are if you want this


• Flash Sale Antichamber ($7) | Repeat, buy

• Flash Sale Cities in Motion 2 ($7) I thought this was a triple repeat but it turns out those were other random city sims. Price is fine.

• Flash Sale Dirt 3 ($6) | Whole series has been bundled for pretty cheap before. Price is good. My advice is every time you want to play a new racing game, just play Burnout Paradise again instead.


• Flash Sale Witcher 2 Enhanced ($5) | Repeat, has been this price many many times. Still an awesome deal.

• Updated Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($3) | Get it on Amazon for $2.55 using code GOONCAVE


Let's see... we've got a 59/100, 66/100, and 69/100 for our voting options. I'm going to close my eyes and click.

• Community Sale Bastion ($2.24) | Repeat, great deal.

• Flash Sale Saints Row The Third ($5) | Repeat, buy the Full Package version for $7.50


• Flash Sale FEZ ($5) | Repeat, great deal.

• Flash Sale Anno 2070 ($15) | Repeat, and last time it wasn't a flash sale for the same price

• Flash Sale RAGE ($5) | The only non-repeat in this update, RAGE has been this price several times in the past. Good price, polarizing game. A lot of people loved it, I got bored playing it very quickly.


• Update: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition ($7.50) | Buy it from Amazon for $6.90, the lowest price it's ever been, using one-time use code GOONCAVE

• Just added Sleeping Dogs [Steam] ($5.50) | Amazon undercut them | Use one-time use code GOONCAVE


• Community Deal Walking Dead ($6.24) | The second best non-Humble price ever on it. Still a great deal, and a repeat.

• Flash Sale Gunpoint ($6) | Probably the most anticipated deal of the whole sale, jump on it.


• Flash Sale Left 4 Dead 2 ($5) | Triple repeat.

• Flash Sale LEGO Lord of the Rings ($7.50) | Wait for a LEGO games bundle instead.

• Flash Sale War of the Roses: Kingmaker ($5) | Fine price, medium reviews, haven't played it.


• Grand Theft Auto IV ($5) | Can we just put a moratorium on GTA4 deals? Don't buy it unless it's bundled with the DLC, and it is, constantly.

• Dead Island ($20) | Thought this was a repeat but I think it was actually a failed vote. Either way, no.

• Fallen Enchantress ($14) | If nothing else this sale has really opened me up to a whole lot of medium review score strategy games I know nothing about. This expansion does not require the original game. Chime in if you've played it.


• Tropico 4 Steam Edition ($6) | Repeat. Also, I think this has probably been on sale every day since I started this job.

• Batman Arkham City GOTY ($7.50) | Repeat, but you may prefer: • Arhkam Asylum GOTY + Arkham City GOTY + LEGO Batman 1+2 [Mixed DRM] ($31) | GamersGate

• Ace of Spades ($2.50) | In 13 reviews the highest score it got was a 63/100.

• Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword ($2.50) | Yay again for generic titles. Middling game, if you like it you might want to buy the collection for $8.50 instead.


• Evoland ($5) | This is $4 at GOG right now

• Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm ($25) | Gamestop | Use code SLICK15

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