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I'm only showing two voting options at the moment, and the way these community votes are going, we definitely need all three. Walking Dead is a repeat so I'm going for Van Helsing.


Community Deal Surgeon Simulator ($4) | Repeat

Flash Sale Half-Life 2 ($2.50) | You know the drill, worth this obviously but has been bundled for cheaper. Valve Complete Pack is $34 right now


Flash Sale Music Creator 6 ($17) | Not a game, haven't used it

Flash Sale Defiance ($14) | Still not worth it.

Flash Sale Torchlight II ($5) | Repeat

• As you can see I voted for Primordia. Surgeon would be a repeat and well, Forge is just bad.


Updated Mark of the Ninja ($3.75) | Buy it on Amazon for $3.20 and get three free indies for your trouble.


Flash Sale F1 2012 ($10) | You know who you are, F1 fans.

Flash Sale Aliens: Colonial Marines ($12.50) | At what point is it fair to say we're just being trolled?


Flash Sale Mars: War Logs ($10) | Not only is this a bad game, this is the third time it's been offered, and the other two times weren't flash sales for this same price.

Flash Sale Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition ($9) | The only good piece of tonight's update. However, it's worth noting that Ultimate and 2 were bundled for $10 at Gamefly a couple days ago, and are bundled for $12.50 on GamersGate today- though, neither of those were Steam activated.


Community Deal Civ V ($7.50) | A great game of course, but it is on sale more often than it's not.

• Current voting: Empires was $1.50 less a couple days ago, Civ 5 has been bundled for half that price many times, may as well go for Sim City 4.


Community Deal Skyrim Legendary ($36) | Repeat

Flash Sale Assassin's Creed III ($24) | Get it on Amazon for $20


Flash Sale Scribblenauts Unlimited ($5) | Repeat, and was cheaper on Amazon a couple days ago

Flash Sale Serious Sam 3 BFE ($4) | Part of dirt cheap bundles all the time

Flash Sale Amnesia: The Dark Descent ($4) | Was $2.50 on Amazon a couple days ago


Lead Deal Football Manager 2013 ($10) | Repeat

• Sleeping Dogs ($6) | Repeat and still one of the best options today

•Rising Storm ($10) | This is actually part of the Red Orchestra franchise. Jump in if your a fan.


• Alan Wake ($3) | Price on this is jumping around for me. Alan Wake is an awesome game, and at this price you don't have to beat yourself up if you missed he Humble sale on it.

• Crysis 2 Maximum ($9) | This was bundled with 3 other Crysis games for $12.50 on day 3.


• Orcs Must Die 2 ($4) | Been wanting to try this out myself. Go for it.

• System Shock 2 ($2.50) | This is on sale constantly but certainly worth $2.50

• The Secret World ($15) | If you're going to commit the time required for an MMO, I would not recommend this be the one


• DMC: Devil May Cry ($24) | Good price, pretty close to its lowest

• Mark of the Ninja ($4) | At first I thought this was a repeat but I think it actually lost a community vote. Has been bundled for cheaper, but definitely worth this, great game.


Crysis 1 +2 Maximum + 3 + Lost Island + Wars + Warhead [Mixed DRM] ($36) | GamersGate

Arhkam Asylum GOTY + Arkham City GOTY + LEGO Batman 1+2 [Mixed DRM] ($31) | GamersGate


Dragon Age Origins Ultimate + 2 [Mac] ($12) | GamersGate | Steam sale had this price but it was a PC-only deal

Civ 5: Brave New World ($21.50) [Steam] | Green Man Gaming | Use promo code GMG30-LY2G6-UKDYY


Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition [Steam] ($21) | Green Man Gaming | Use promo code GMG30-LY2G6-UKDYY

Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara [Steam] ($11) | Green Man Gaming | Use promo code GMG30-LY2G6-UKDYY


Bioshock Infinite Season Pass [Steam] ($14) | Green Man Gaming | Use promo code GMG30-LY2G6-UKDYY

Company of Heroes 2 [Steam] ($42) | Green Man Gaming | Use promo code GMG30-LY2G6-UKDYY


Final Fantasy VII for PC ($8) | Green Man Gaming via Deals Kinja | Use promo code GMG30-LY2G6-UKDYY

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty ($20) | Amazon | Matches lowest price ever


Trine 2 [Mac] ($3) | Mac App Store

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