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Every voting option is a repeat, and all three have been cheaper. Two of them have been cheaper in the past 3 days.


• Community Sale Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum ($5) | If you're a fan of the series then go for it, but I don't see how you don't already own this if you're a fan of the series.

Flash Sale Galactic Civilizations II Ultimate ($5) | Haven't played this myself or seen any sales on it recently. Extremely high reviews.

Flash Sale 3DMArk ($8.50) | Not a game obviously. You already know if you want this.


Flash Sale Don't Starve ($9) | Repeat.

I voted for Deux Ex. Last Light would be a repeat and Assassin's 3 will continue to drop in price independently of the Steam sale. Also, Deus Ex is awesome.

Community Deal Natural Selection II ($6.24) | Wasn't my pick but the price is right.


Flash Sale Organ Trail DX ($1) | This is, in my opinion, what the Steam sale is all about. A fun little game you probably wouldn't buy at full price with a super low barrier to entry here.

Flash Sale KOTOR 2 ($3) | That is a lot of game for $3, though yes, it has been cheaper. The Star Wars franchise bundle is also available for 50 bucks, but has been substantially cheaper in the past.

Flash Sale Bioshock Infinite ($30) | A repeat deal from the first day. As we said, this has been this price many times and down to $24 on more than one occasion. A great game, but I would have liked to see Steam step up their pricing on round 2 of this.


Flash Sale Mirror's Edge ($6) | This was 20% cheaper and bundled with DLC on Amazon for a long time. Also a good game though.

Lead Deal Reus ($5) | A significant amount of commenters threw their support behind this on Day Two. If you trust your peers then go for it.

• Dishonored ($10) | We were robbed of this deal by an earlier community vote, but all is right with the world now. This is one of the better deals of the whole sale.


• Castle Crashers ($3.75) | Pretty much a no-brainer if you somehow don't already own it.

• Wargame: Airland Battle ($20) | I have a soft spot for games where the title is so generic it sounds like it's describing the genre. But seriously, not for 20 bucks.

• Terraria ($2.50) | Easy recommendation. Another big no Mac version sad face for me.


• Dust: An Elysian Tail ($7.50) | This game has managed to rack up a decent amount of attention but I would still call it very underrated. Buy.

• Max Payne 3 ($10) | Like most legacy Rockstar games, you can regularly find this for $10 bundled with its DLC on Amazon. Pass.

• Dawn of War II: Retribution ($7.50) | This is a good game but it's old at this point, I would say wait for a better price.


• Killing Floor ($4) | Hopefully you caught this during the Humble Deal. If not, I would probably wait unless you already know you're a fan.

• Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion | Quality Title. If you're a fan of the genre then go ahead.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days [Steam] ($2.50) | Gamestop via Comments Section | You will have to download the impulse, but yes, the key activates on Steam | Lowest price ever


Bioshock Infinite Season Pass [Steam] ($14) | Green Man Gaming | Use code GMG30-LY2G6-UKDYY

Crysis 3 [Origin] ($20) | GamersGate

Dead Space 3 [Origin] ($16) | Gamefly | Use code GFDJUL20 | US and Canada only, may also be on Gamefly UK


Hitman Absolution [Steam] ($5) | Amazon | Use one-time use code GOONCAVE

DisplayFusion Multi-Monitor Utility | Steam | Lifehacker coverage


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