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Europe Land has long been Sony country, with the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 dominating sales charts in their respective generations. But the PlayStation 3 had a tougher challenge—a head start from Microsoft's Xbox 360.


Now, says Microsoft, it has pulled ahead in the region, giving the Xbox 360 a lead over its PlayStation 3 competition to the tune of 1 million. Chris Lewis, VP for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business in the Europe-Middle East-Africa region, cited GfK Chart-Track when whipping out the figure to GamesIndustry.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss David Reeves recently boasted of Sony's continued dominance in the territory, saying that the PS3 was still ahead of its hi-def competition by a few hundred thousand consoles. That was in response to Microsoft mouthing off via press release about its pre-holidays successes.


Lewis, it must be noted, does not factor in down under territories and not PAL as a whole, which we'll assume will be leading to more petty squabbling about who's in front and which numbers really count and yadda yadda yadda.

Besides, they're both losing to the Wii anyway.

Xbox 360 definitely leads PS3 in Europe, says Microsoft []

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