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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss David Reeves issued a strong "nuh-uh" to his Xbox competition, saying that the PlayStation 3 is still outpacing Microsoft's console in PAL land. By a good 300,000 too!


Reeves tells MCV that, despite Microsoft's claims to the contrary, that Europe is still Sony country. Continent. Whatever. And even though the PlayStation folks are going to be "more aggressive" in 2009, reports of a price drop in Spring of next year are highly exaggerated.


“No we are not going to go down in price; neither are we going to go down in price on PS3 in spring time either," Reeves told MCV. "Absolutely not, whatever you might have heard to the contrary."

Reeves says not to expect its price drop history to repeat itself on the PlayStation 3, reiterating Sony's "value add" strategy and working harder to get to a break even point on its this-gen console.

“We’re relying on the fact that the industry will keep growing and while we might have a comparatively smaller share of the market we will have higher sales," Reeves added, noting that the PS3 is "tracking where PS2 was at the same point in its life."

Sony: We’re ahead of Xbox [MCV]

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