I love a good Cities: Skylines time lapse, and this is one of the best.

As I’ve said before several times, I like to chill out with a well-oiled machine city. Cities: Skylines is the easiest choice for creating stylish cities, and so I spend quite a lot of time digging through YouTube to find people who are making nice videos of their beautiful bergs.


YouTube user Ben Barton, who created the excellent “Conquest of Spaces” video, has done it again with “Welcome to Lakeview,” a mesmerizing timelapse video of a small city’s clockwork design.

I especially like that the city has something like a pattern to it. The traffic flows in odd ways, like veins splintering out into the block architecture of Lakeview’s solid grid of industry and housing. There’s a big plurality of aesthetic choices being made both in the design of the city and in the video depicting the city, and I’m here for it.

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