I Love This Quaint British Retail Park Built In Cities: Skylines

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Image: Greenbeak

Making spectacular or larger-than-life places in Cities: Skylines is fun, but there’s something special about creating everyday locations with the game’s worldbuilding toolkit.

YouTuber Greenbeak has created the ultimate quotidian location with Skylines: a small British village with a shopping district. While I’m not from Britain, I do spend most of my time wandering through residential areas that turn into commercial districts that the morph back into mixed-use zoning. I’m not driving across massive, beautiful bridges or sitting on the rooftops of massive buildings.


What I find so special about Cities: Skylines is that it is a toolkit that allows players to create nearly anything kind of city experience that players have crafted. With a little help from the Steam Workshop you can basically put any kind of object anywhere on a Skylines map.

Where other city builders are constantly giving you the tools to generate awe, Skylines is a game that gives you the ability to create normal, realistic, everyday locations, and I love seeing people craft little pieces of realism.

I've played all of the Baldur's Gate games.

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Mortal Dictata

Yep that looks pretty realistic. Now all it needs is a uni, lots of constant building of uni accommodation, and locals bitching endlessly about students while being served at the bar by students.