Low-Angle Satellite Photos Look Like The Best City-Building Game Ever Made

Planet, a company that runs “the largest fleet of Earth-imaging satellites in orbit”, use those satellites to take hi-res, zoomed-in shots of the surface. Some of those are isometric, and that’s got me longing.


I know that Cities: Skylines is pretty and fun, and that even EA’s disastrous SimCity reboot looked good, but I look at these images (via @devonzuegel) and I don’t see pictures of the Earth.

I see screenshots of the world’s biggest, most beautiful city-building game, one that exists in a parallel universe where this is a genre with room for more than one big game.

Image: Planet

Doha | Image: Planet
Cape Town | Image: Planet
Houston | Image: Planet
Riyadh | Image: Planet
Osaka | Image: Planet
Sao Paulo | Image: Planet

If you’re after something like this and find Cities: Skylines a bit too cartoony, people are still modding the hell out of SimCity 4.

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