Marvel VS. Capcom 2 Gets A Tournament Edition FightStick

Illustration for article titled Marvel VS. Capcom 2 Gets A Tournament Edition FightStick

The Marvel VS Capcom® 2 Arcade Fightstick: Tournament Edition will make you forget all about those silly limited-edition PAX and Comic-Con Street Fighter IV sticks you missed out on.


Sure, the Comic-Con stick was stylish and the PAX Femme Fatale controller was pretty, but neither were quite as sexy as the Marvel VS. Capcom 2 model Mad Catz is rolling out for Capcom later this fall. It's the same Tournament Edition stick that fighter fans have been fighting over and on since they were released with Street Fighter IV, festooned with never-before-seen Marvel VS. Capcom 2 artwork, making it the perfect accessory for both comic book fans as well.

"Capcom has demonstrated that by working in close collaboration with Mad Catz, we are able to produce fighting controllers which deliver the level of performance and authenticity that our fans demand," said Christian Svensson, vice president business development & strategic planning at Capcom Entertainment, Inc. "We're delighted to further our relationship and continue the evolution of this range to encapsulate the Marvel VS Capcom franchise and look forward to the fans reaction upon release."

I've been holding out on picking up a stick despite being present at both shows and watching people constantly walking away from the Capcom booth with giant bags filled with plastic fighting goodness. Perhaps I foresaw this. Perhaps I am simply a fortunate procrastinator. Either way, look for the Marvel VS. Capcom 2 sticks to hit GameStop stores and both Capcom and Mad Catz's online stores later this fall.



Sweet, another Mad Catz stick that will break after light usage for one week.