The San-Diego Comic-Con is all about exclusive goodies, and in that spirit Mad Catz is hawking a limited number of exclusive Street Fighter IV arcade sticks and pads to show attendees.

Visitors to the San-Diego Comic-Con this week will have a chance to pick up one of 500 of these exclusive Street Fighter IV accessories, with 250 each split between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the controllers. According to Mad Catz Art Director Roentgen D. Reyes, Sagat and his nasty scar were the inspirations behind the design, which definitely has an angry orange-owie feel to it.

When we set out creating the Limited Edition artwork we knew that we had to create an impactful design that was radically different from the previous imagery and color schemes. With that in mind we chose not to concentrate on a group of characters but instead produce something targeted to the fan community. After working through a number of designs, we focused on one of the strongest ‘fan-favorite' characters in the game, Sagat. The character is renowned for his large scar which game legend tells us was caused by archrival Ryu. In my mind, playing Street Fighter® IV evokes the player's competitive nature, with rivalry a key element of the experience."

The hefty Tournament Edition sticks will be available exclusively through Capcom at Comic-Con for $179.99, while the pads will be available at the convention and on the Mad Catz Gameshark website for $49.99.