Hey, remember "Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure?" the brand-extension venture of apparel designer Mark Ecko? Remember its thudding reception, which he blamed on hillbilly gamers skeered of the big bad city? Yeah, he wants to do it again.

Destructoid talked to Ecko and found he's ready to reboot the story of how, with love and courage, one man heroically spray painting crap on a wall can triumph over oppression and give a voice to people yearning to be free. Or just make Marc Ecko some money.

"Getting Up was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears," he told D'toid. "Atari s—t the bed, you know? And I'm gonna f—-ing make that game again if it kills me. I'm gonna do it. I want to see the brand out there again."

I think the last part of his comment is the most revealing. I think this has more to do with spreading the Ecko brand than with satisfying the cries of gamers beating on pots and pans for a next-gen turf-tagging simulation.

Ecko said the game must be untangled from its legal arrangements with Atari, which predate the publisher's current reconstituted form.


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