Marc Ecko Vows to Re-Make Hipster Graffito Game "Even If It Kills Me"

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Hey, remember "Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure?" the brand-extension venture of apparel designer Mark Ecko? Remember its thudding reception, which he blamed on hillbilly gamers skeered of the big bad city? Yeah, he wants to do it again.


Destructoid talked to Ecko and found he's ready to reboot the story of how, with love and courage, one man heroically spray painting crap on a wall can triumph over oppression and give a voice to people yearning to be free. Or just make Marc Ecko some money.

"Getting Up was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears," he told D'toid. "Atari s—t the bed, you know? And I'm gonna f—-ing make that game again if it kills me. I'm gonna do it. I want to see the brand out there again."

I think the last part of his comment is the most revealing. I think this has more to do with spreading the Ecko brand than with satisfying the cries of gamers beating on pots and pans for a next-gen turf-tagging simulation.

Ecko said the game must be untangled from its legal arrangements with Atari, which predate the publisher's current reconstituted form.

Marc Ecko Wants to See Getting Up 'Brand Out There Again' [Destructoid]


Alright, I'm going on my fucking rant here because certainly Ecko is a tool but the game deserves merit.

Clearly, most of you have not even touched the game. Is it like Jet Grind? does this involve spray "painting crap on a wall?" I'm going to fucking go out on a limb and declare this as one of my favorite games from last generation.

And for all of you just taking a massive shit on it, I'd like to justify pieces of it. This game had a very decent storyline- the oppression aspect was a bit off, but the revenge and trials of young man meeting REAL artists and painting along the way was brilliant.

Talib Kweli and Rosario Dawson voiced the two important characters involved in, you guessed it, a good romance. Not hackneyed, not over top, but decent. The art here was legit- the painting aspect involved a detailed kit. Hell, Cope 2, Obery licenses, Futura, T-Kid I can go on. God, forget his apparel label, this had more art than most games this generation. And the soundtrack? Serj, B.I.G. and more hip hop that was wonderful.

So look- Marc Ecko is a shitty reason to not play this. His comments were outlandish and completely ignorant regarding the poor sales but at least fucking try it before describing it as a ploy to make more money from a bad game.

Sure the platforming felt wonky, even the controls a bit imprecise, but some of the cutscenes with the character Decoy and Gabe were awesome. Everyone always talks about taking a gamble with a new IP, and this was a legitimate stab at a new genre. Amazing art, urban atmospheres, fun dialogue and still no respect.

Diatribe will be stopped here. I just wish a stupid product man who blasted his company's name all over the cover art would shut up, and more people would actually try it. I'm fucking irritated.