MAG Reloading For Release In 2010?

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The thinning Fall 2009 release list looks like it's getting one release thinner today, as online retailers are pointing to a delay for MAG, Zipper Interactive's massive action game for the PlayStation 3, which is now aiming for January 2010.

Both GameFly and GameStop are listing the title for release during the month of January 2010. Those retailers were expecting MAG on November 24 of this year as of a week ago. When the PlayStation 3 game was being shown at E3, Sony Computer Entertainment America pegged MAG's release date more vaguely, as a "Fall 2009" title.


Earlier this year, Sony named MAG, along with God of War III, as one of the PS3 titles that would ship during its fiscal 2009, a window that extends to March of 2010.

While Sony hadn't yet applied a firm release date to the online shooter, it's looking less likely that the game will make that Fall window, if retailer listings are correct.


Update: A Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson said "We haven't made any announcements in regards to the launch date, the retailers are just speculating."

Thanks to Kev for the heads up.

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And they all ran in terror of the incoming Modern Warfare 2 and ODST beasts.....