Sony Extends Release Window Of God Of War III, MAG, Heavy Rain, Et Al.

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PlayStation 3 blockbusters like God of War III and MAG may not make a 2009 release after all, according to a software release update from Sony. The publisher further clarified its PS3 release plans today.

While the press release Sony issued last week pegged PlayStation 3 exclusives inFamous, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and the aforementioned God of War III and MAG for a release this "year"—largely assumed by the more literal of the internet to mean no later than December 31, 2009—the updated release window extends just a bit further.


Even further than the February 19th we gave them, actually, as Sony clarified that its line-up of PlayStation 3 titles would "hit throughout the fiscal year." The company's fiscal year ends March 31, 2010, which could mean a longer wait for God of War III or MAG or, well, anything.

As we wrote when the release was issued last week, seeing God of War III on store shelves this year would be a surprise. A welcome surprise, but earlier than we were expecting. We'd love to be proven wrong.

MAG? We could definitely see that, considering that the title seemed to be months ahead, development-wise, of Kratos' PlayStation 3 debut. As for the rest of the line-up, we're hoping they all squeak out before the holidays.

Considering how loose the release dates are, we're not updating the Kotaku Master Calendar just yet. Maybe at E3.

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ShadowOdin is gonna be King of Kotaku

Well at least my PS3 won't RRoD until then

Will give me extra time to lull my warty green face around and exchange newbord babies with my own spawn.