Madden NFL 21 Will Be The First In The Series On Steam

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Madden NFL 21 now has a Steam page with a release date of August 28, making it the first game in the series to come to Valve’s digital storefront.

The listing was spotted earlier today, complete with a trailer, screenshots, and a release date for the latest entry in the long-running sports series. EA had previously teased the game during Microsoft’s Xbox Series X gameplay reveal event, but didn’t show anything more substantial. A more in-depth look was planned for earlier this month, but EA decided to delay it following national protests over the killing of George Floyd.

Games like Madden were previously exclusive to EA’s Origin service, launched back in 2011. Just last week, the publisher announced that a bunch of games from its back catalog would finally be available on Steam. This included games like Star Wars: Battlefront II, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and notably Mass Effect 3, one of the first big PC releases to originally be gated behind Origin.


Need for Speed Heat was added to Steam last week alongside an update adding support for cross-play between the Steam, Origin, and console versions of the game. It’s unclear if other big multiplayer EA games like Madden NFL 21 will see something similar. EA did not respond when asked for comment.

EA Play, the company’s annual E3-adjacent event, is set to take place later this week on June 18.

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What are the odds it will be the last one if people figure out how to mod it so they won’t be able to charge $60 a year for what amounts to a roster update?