Lucasarts To Announce New Indiana Jones Game Next Week?

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Yup, it's more from the GameStop Expo showroom floor! Latest whispers to drift out of Vegas and float across the internet's trade winds involve the MIA Indiana Jones game from Lucasarts, the one that first showed us how Euphoria was going to revolutionise the way we punched bad guys in the face. While it's been mentioned a few times in the past, word from the expo is that the game will finally be unveiled next week (remember, up til now it was just a "tech demo"), is based on the Force Unleashed engine, is due for 360 and PS3 and will be out in 2009. Plenty Of Rumors To Go Around At GameStop Expo [1UP]


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Darth Tigris

After playing TFU demo, I'm just not excited about this anymore even though I'm a big Indy fan. We can only hope its at least as fun as Emperor's Tomb was (with a better story though; so outlandish it made KotCS seem like a documentary).