The announcement for Lost Planet 2 has been baffling! Here's why:

Rewind to last September when Capcom swore off console exclusives in its fiscal 2008 shareholder's report: "All major titles launched during the next fiscal year or thereafter will be developed as multi-platform games."

Then in January, Mega-Man creator Keiji Inafune mentioned new Dead Rising and Lost Planet games. According to Inafune, "We're finally putting out new Dead Rising and Lost Planet games! As a main principle we're thinking about multi-platform and about slightly expanding upon the Xbox 360 version."


Capcom then announced it would be revealing a new game via Xbox LIVE. That game was Lost Planet 2.

Capcom's press release was vague regarding whether the game would only be on the Xbox 360. Capcom has been reluctant to say whether Lost Planet 2 is an Xbox 360 exclusive or not.


Christian Svensson, Capcom vice president, business development and strategic planning, is trying to clear the air: "That I would love to give you more information on, but I'm going to have to remain silent for a little bit longer. It's complicated, it's confusing, I do understand that it's confusing how it was announced. It's not clear. Clarity will come over the coming months."

That being when the PS3 and PC versions are announced?

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