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Losing the Triple Crown

To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Hawaii


My cousin and his wife just had their first baby this week, a tiny little guy who looks uncommonly serene in all the pictures of him so far.

My cousin and I share the same middle name, which is also Mom's middle name. The coincidence there was that we were all born in years with a Triple Crown horse racing winner. Mom got Citation (1948), my cousin got Seattle Slew (1977) and I got Big Red, Secretariat (1973). So when Steve told me Ali was pregnant, I joked that we should lay a huge bet on a Triple Crown winner in 2010, if Steve followed quasi-family tradition and gave the firstborn the father's middle name. (Steve and I were both second born, hence the maiden/middle thing.)


Well, don't get your hopes up or your bets down. The baby got his mom's middle name, and his full name sounds great when said altogether. Very statesmanlike. In fact, when Ali scolds him by his full name in the future it's going to sound like she's giving an oath of office. And I kind of like the idea of not risking the Triple Crown streak, just retiring it while we're all ahead.

Of course, his brother's expecting his first child this year ...

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I can't believe your the weekend editor sometimes.