To: Owen
From: Crecente

It's Friday afternoon here in Waikiki. I'm sitting on my hotel bed sifting through notes and writing up the copious amounts of stories that came out of a week of hanging out with Capcom's developers, producers and third-party folks.

I can't tell you a thing about it until Tuesday morning. But trust me, you're going to want to come back exactly at 9 a.m. Mountain Time (11 a.m. Eastern, 8 a.m. Pacific). There's going to be a lot of news. A lot!


This is my fifth trip to Hawaii. But the last time I came here was 28 years ago. Yes, I'm that old.

While I didn't manage to spend anytime relaxing or sightseeing while I was covering Captivate, I did come in a day early and hang out with my cousins and aunt who live here.

My cousin Vince and I went out on kayaks to the ocean, tooling around the area and exploring these huge sandbanks for an hour or two on Monday. Great stuff.

I fly out tonight on a red eye direct to Denver. I'll be spending today writing through as much of the Captivate information as I can before taking off.


I'll see you guys Monday.

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