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I know everyone else on the site's done this a dozen times over, but I'm really excited for my first E3. Got my badge in the mail this week. Travel plans were arranged last week. Already writing out questions in case I meet Reggie! Do you think I'll meet Reggie? I picked my seats and made sure to sit near the front of the plane since I'll be checking luggage. I hope my ties and sportcoat don't wrinkle! I might be the new guy, but I make sure everything's taken care of before I leave. Do you have any advice? Is there a gym in the hotel? Or does the gang plan out the day every morning at breakfast? I'm kind of an early riser, I hope I don't wake my roommate. Has Crecente assigned them yet? I wonder-

Wait a minute.

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Ruh roh ...

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anyone know if valve has some E3 announcements planned?