E308 Michael Fahey's Snoring Scares Intern, Singing Karaoke Hilarious!

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The idea of going to E3 for me was nothing less than a dream come true, seriously. About a week before we embarked to Los Angeles Crecente sent a letter of how the housing situation as going to work, along with a few friendly reminders. So of course I took a look at my roommate situation and saw that Michael Fahey and I were going to be bunk mates for the next few days. No more than a minute later I get this hysterical laugh from Owen on instant message. "Adam, good luck trying to sleep BWA HA HA HA" he says. I was dumbfounded. There was no way I could have possibly been prepared for what was in store. My E3 dreams were shattered when it came time to go to sleep. The great thing about being the Kotaku video intern (at the time) was that I got to capture all of the wonderful Hallmark moments. Video, after the jump Owen writes:

Fahey warned me he had "a sleep disorder," well before E3. So when I saw that Crecente paired me with him and Adam, I knew I'd better have a strategy for the one night I was there. That strategy was to get commode-huggin' drunk and stay out as late as possible, so I would be too tired to care about any snoring. I slept like a log, even though Fahey sounded like someone taking a Husqvarna to a forest of old-growth. Poor Adam had only one drink at the party and was in bed by 11:30. He didn't stand a chance.


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Mike Fahey

@JakeDunn: Yes, we actually went on a pilgrimage to a local shopping center for nasal strips, which did absolutely nothing.