To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Bloggers of the Caribbean


Short note, as I'm visiting the nation's capital and my hosts are beginning to find me antisocial, distracted and withdrawn (as I usually am.) I'm told the neighborhood where I am staying was at the forefront of the Crack Dealing Movement of the 1980s. That's Washington for you, just so much history, right around every corner. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Leigh done got herself quoted in the New York Times, talking about Metal Gear on the Week in Review page, which is where the serious thinking goes on. Other choice cuts from the weekend:

MGS4 (and Leigh!) in the New York Times

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Spoilers: Limbo of the Lost's Terrifying Ending
Weird Artistic Timewaster of the Day: Immortality
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Settlement Makes GTA Movie Impossible
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