Behind the Scenes with Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

And taking us out this evening is 90-second behind-the-scenes video from Gametrailers showing the combat overhaul Shaba Games has in mind for the latest Spider-Man title. They're keen on unifying the web-swinging with the fighting, and ground, wall and air attack moves. It also promises switching between different costumes (and their abilities) at will. Not sure how that fits into the storyline. In the video you see Spidey taking on Hobgoblin (or Green Goblin, couldn't get a clear look), and the Vulture.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Behind the Scenes — Combat Redefined [GameTrailers, thanks Tyson B.]



Combat looks the same from previous Spidey games in my opinion; only tweaks are visual.

They need to do away with the stop-effect after every hit, it makes gameplay look choppy and antiquated.

If they want to revamp combat, they should focus on speed, adrenaline rush of fighting, and vertigo effect of acrobatically traversing the environment.