As promised, the Medal of Honor video, directed by Linkin Park's Joe Hahn, featuring both live-action and gameplay sequences set to the band's new song "The Catalyst," went up today. Someone certainly grew an epic beard for this trailer.

I'm told that's EA producer Greg Goodrich as Rabbit, who's been working on that badass beard since at least E3. Warning to those with empty stomachs, this thing goes into serious shakycam at the end.

Medal of Honor will be on store shelves on October 12. Linkin Park's new album, A Thousand Suns will be in stores on September 14.


I'm probably least qualified to talk about military shooters or Linkin Park, so don't take my lack of comment as any judgment. Knowing you guys, you probably have zillions of opinions. Fire away.

[Thanks Excaliburps for the heads-up]