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Limited Edition MGS4 "Gun Metal Gray" PS3 Is A Exclusive

Illustration for article titled Limited Edition MGS4 Gun Metal Gray PS3 Is A Exclusive

Konami announced today that the "gun metal gray" special edition PlayStation 3—described as being "very, very limited" when confirmed for a stateside release—bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4 and a DualShock 3 controller will only be available for purchase from Konami's web site. Priced at $599.99 USD, it will sport 40GB worth of hard drive space in addition to it's unique, flat finish.


Don't confuse it with the regular MGS4 PS3 bundle, which will ring up at $499.99 and comes with an 80GB hard drive. Yes, you're paying $100 for gray pride.


Pre-orders open May 19 at Considering how swimmingly the Metal Gear Online beta sign up process went, we'd suggest having more than one computer at the ready for what may be frantic pre-ordering action.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition PLAYSTATION 3 Bundle [Konami]

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EPIC FAIL. I wanted so bad to buy a PS3, MGS4 was the reason for me buying a PS3 and when I heard about the Metal Gear PS3 it was happy days. But this? Konami, how you try to milk the fans. If this really for the fans then it would not cost more than the 80GB. I would pay for it. I can reason that kind of cost. For almost 700 hundred dollars I can go buy a decent 32" LCD. NEW. Yes gamers are dedicated to their hobby, but we're not idiots.