Let Me Teach You The Secret Of Cricket

To: Crecente
From: Luke
Re: Ring Ring, No One's There

Cricket season is in full swing down here. In fact, I'm resting a beer on my lap now as I type this, one eye on the beer, one on the keyboard, one on the cricket. I've had it on all day.

And that's the secret of it. Don't let anyone tell you it's the merits of the actual sport that appeals. That's rubbish. The appeal of a good old-fashioned game of cricket is that it lasts all day, for five days.


What other sport lets you get into "Not now, dear, I'm watching the sport" mode for five days? No sport, that's what. No wonder it's this nation's favourite pastime.

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i love when they break for tea during cricket. That's hilariously awesome.