Ring Ring, No One's There

To: Luke
From: Crecente
Re: Christmas? So Done


When we went to sleep last night Trish has a pretty bad cold, so I was expecting the same in the morning. But everything seemed fine. Well almost everything. I couldn't hear out of my left ear. A few hours into my morning the silence was gone... to be replaced by ringing. Now the ringing has spread to my other ear and has become sort of a high-pitched whistle. So awesome, especially when you are doing podcasts and interviewing people and can't make out half of what is being said.

I wish I at least had an AC/DC concert to blame for this.

Adam's swinging by the house tomorrow to pick up our Be a Kotaku Editor for a Day swag to be mailed down the line. He's also shooting a video of me... in maybe an ugly sweater or a smoking jacket. Now to locate a smoking jacket, or an ugly sweater. Don't worry, it's work related.


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Wow, that's pretty weird, my right ear got plugged up about a day and a half ago. I can hear out of it, but it's muffled. Definitely not as bad as yours. Good luck.