Be A Kotaku Editor For A Day: The Contest

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I finally figured out a contest for our year-end giveaway. For those of you who didn't see the original post, we're giving away a swag pack and "The Full Kotaku Experience"... for a day.


That means keys to the virtual Kotaku Tower, writing some posts, inclusion in a Kotaku Video Podcast and, of course, all of those goodies. Now for the contest side of things:

The year end is quickly approaching. What we need from you is a list of your three favorite and three least favorite stories of the year. But not just any stories, original stories. That would include breaking news, features, reviews, opinions, essentially anything we wrote that didn't lean heavily on the link at the bottom of the story. Or better still, a story without one of those.

Make sure to tell us why you did or didn't like those stories. Email your list of six stories, with links, to our KotakuContest AT Gmail DOT com address with Winners and Losers in the subject line.

We'll sort through them a select a batch of finalists who will then need to submit a writing sample for the whole class to read, so that your future readership for a day can have the final vote.

Deadline for submission is Monday, December 22. Everyone is eligible.


Adam In Texas

This sounds like a contest to win a job and not get paid for it. My local sanitation service is doing the same thing. You submit your name for the chance to get to pick up trash for a day, be in the employee newsletter and ride on the back of a dumb truck. Sweet!