Lemonade Tycoon

To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Gamescom Spectacular Days Away

My neighbor's kids visit him every other weekend. Today they set up a lemonade stand. We're not on a high traffic street.


I just know I'm gonna buy two cups of lemonade when I go to the gym and when I come back, pay them $1 and tip another buck, and that I'll be their only customers. Then again, that's usually how it worked when we ran a lemonade stand growing up.

Here's some stuff I peddled on my virtual streetcorner this weekend:
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This Is John Carmack's Next Rocket
Stick Jockey: Go Back, Patch, And Do It Again
The Old Pouring-Liquid-Nitrogen-Into-The-Computer Thing
Team Fortress 2 Video: Meet The F-Bomber

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