Gamescom Spectacular Days Away

To: Owen
From: Crecente

Sunday night the Kotaku crew pack up and head out to Germany to cover the most interesting, must entertaining video game show in the world.

Gamescom doesn't officially kick off until Thursday, but Tuesday is already packed with press conferences from the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Electronic Arts and Wednesday is a full day of press-only game playing, interviews and meandering.

That's followed by four days of insanity as the entire continent tries to pack into the Cologne Convention center. And did I mention that there are tent cities? Yes, tent cities. Cities which I have already told Fahey I expect him to visit, perhaps even sleep in.


Man, this is going to be great. I can't wait.

See you there!

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tent cities? what?

im staying over with a couple friends of mine, quite near to the convention center apparently.

wow it's so few days away!

press conferences? at what time? hope it's not while im on the train