Team Fortress 2 Video: Meet The F-Bomber [Update]

You thought Xbox Live was bad? "ChoZo" would like an F-word with you. Here's 10 minutes of hilarious rage that makes the Mel Gibson phone calls sound like Bob Ross on The Joy of Painting. Warning: Very strong, loud language.

The video, spied by eagle-eyed (and iron-eared) Kotaku reader Zaglis, helpfully features an F-word count - and given how long that is and how profligately he tosses around "fuck," the total is just mind-blowing. It is also jampacked with Kodak moments. So if you're thinking it doesn't get any better than "So what are you tryin' to say," and the violin at the one-minute mark, hang in there and keep going.

[Update] Reader Combat Cube says his friend, Tone-Pot, was the Medic providing most of the healing while ChoZo was fucking people the fuck up with his rape fucking banner. Two more videos from that player's perspective are beneath the poll.


Jesus Christ, ChoZo should go on a man-date with the Bitch Ass Ho Ass Bitch Ho Eat That Bitch Ho Ho Eat That Ass Bitch Guy from last week.


Seriously, are you still watching? Just how many times is this guy gonna say "fuck"? Keep in mind, the film "Scarface" used the word 207 times - over 170 minutes.

And here are Tone-Pot's videos, for 200 percent more fuck:

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Cake Tank!

I hope this becomes a meme. I can imagine parts of this being played on TF2 servers right now.